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  • NAUI Training from Scuba Diver through to Dive Master.  
  • Small groups ensure personal attention during your training!
  • Part-time, full-time, private courses are available!
  • International travel & active club for after course adventures!

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 Location:   Geraldton, Western Australia


We believe in the  Scuba Triangle!   Safety first, Protect the environment, Having fun - is the foundation of good scuba diving!

Some beginning divers get the impression that all the theory that has to be learned, all the skills that have to be practiced, and the focus on paying attention to the environment, somehow prevent them from having fun under water.

But this is not true. Competent divers who respect the underwater environment and dive with a "safety first" attitude enjoy diving to the fullest.

These divers often stay active as divers, because there is always more to see, and they will have the most fun.

See you in the water!

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